Total Membership and Loyalty

Your greatest asset is your Membership list. PTML is designed to promote and market to your Membership database using interests, preferences and other tools through email, SMS and mail.

To assist in member identification, there is an option to have a photo maintained on the database. The photo can be displayed at a reception enquiry station, and if required, printed on the membership card.

In addition, PTML has on-line real time integration to reward and encourage Members with loyalty points and tickets for purchases and promotions. Retain your Members and actively promote new Membership.

Associated modules are:

  • Sharp ECR Network where loyalty points are accrued from sales onto and redeemed off the member database. Member name and points available are displayed on swiping card.
  • Foyer Gamekiosk which displays advertising until Member swipes card and is greeted by name and available loyalty points. The member has a chance to win more points and also has a birthday greeting with additional points. Tickets may be printed for prize vouchers and promotions.
  • Mobile Promotions station with wireless connection for poker machine and other special Club promotions where pre-set wins and points are entered, sent directly to the member database points balance and are immediately redeemable at the ECR. Tickets may be printed for prize vouchers and promotions.
  • Gymnasium Membership controls casual and permanent usage of the facility. Membership is checked for both the Club and Gymnasium at reception workstation. Various management reports are produced.

The system supports the following features...

  • Database contains all Member Details required
    Includes Special Area tailored for your Club
  • Photo Id available with digital QuickCam Camera
    The Member Photo sits on main database and available on reception enquiry
  • Fast Member Entry for Reception Desk including Photo Id
  • Email Facilities
    Stores E-mail Address on each Member Record
    Send E-mails to Members directly from within the Membership System
  • SMS Messaging to Mobiles
    Automatic to Groups or individuals
  • Provides for Individual & Bulk Mail
    Barcoded Australian Post Addressing
    Personalised Letters
    Mail Merge with MS-Word
  • Enquiry by Name or Number showing Basic Details plus Photo
  • Flexible Fee Structure
    Multiple Year Membership
    Part Payments
    Unlimited Classifications & Sub-Clubs
  • Receipting may be On-line or Pre-printed
    Caters for various Plastic Cards
    Encodes Details on Magnetic Stripe
  • Lucky Member Draws
    Display Winning Names on TV Monitor
    Raffle Draw
  • Flexible Reporting Structure by
    Classification, Gender, Ceased Members, Sub-Club, Postcode, Join Date, Financial Status, Suspension and Birth Date

To view our brochure for Pulse Total Membership and Loyalty System and the following listed screens in PDF format please click on the links below. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF's, click on the logo to download your free copy. This PDF brochure is printable.