Version 2012.3.2 - July 2012

Please read the release notes prior to performing any updates.

These downloads are for Pulse Synergy software only. Update your Pulse Workspace applications by clicking on the download menu option from within the application.

Download Instructions

  1. Pulse downloads are password protected. Passwords will be faxed or emailed to all currently supported clients. Please contact Pulse if you have not received a valid password.
  2. Ensure that you have administrative permission to Pulse Applications on your server or standalone machine and that a recent backup has been performed on that machine
  3. Ensure there are no processes executing a Pulse Club Management System application either on your server or elsewhere on the network.
  4. Click once on the link for the required system (see table below for a list of available downloads).
  5. The dialog box "File Download" will be displayed. Select "Run this program from its current location" then click on "OK".
  6. When the selected upgrade runs you may be prompted with the following Security Warning, "Authenticode signature not found." Click Yes to continue or the upgrade will be cancelled.
  7. Follow the remaining installation prompts to complete your upgrade.
  8. You should always download Pulse Core Components
  9. Please follow these instructions for each system that you require. It is safe to download all systems. Once done, your system will be running the latest Pulse software. Congratulations!
System Date Instruction
Pulse Core Components 6 Jul 2012  
Financial Management 7 Jan 2016 Revised PW Conversion
Stock Control 6 Jul 2012  
Poker Machine Management 6 Jul 2012  
Consolidated Online Help Package 6 Jul 2012  
Please download in the order listed.


Unauthorised use of this software is strictly prohibited. The package contains no directly executable code.

For help with downloading or installing the Pulse Club Management System Upgrade contact your Pulse support representative.